He studies emerging technologies and helps governments and organizations on how to use them

Nicolas Miailhe

Co-Founder, The Future Society, Paris, France

Why you should listen

He co-founded and incubated at Harvard, The Future Society. It is a think-and-do tank specialising in questions of impact and governance of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence.

His company studies broad-ranging fields including education, growth and development, security, climate change, food, healthcare, transport, budgetary & monetary policy, industry, unemployment, gender equality, innovation, and governance.

A recognized thought-leader, strategist and implementer, Nicolas advises cities, governments, international organizations, NGOs and industrial players across Europe, America, and Asia.

Before Harvard, he was Regional Director-South Asia at Safran Sagem, the world leader in aerospace, defense, and security.

Meet Nicolas at Worldwebforum 2020 where he is a Mckinsey Track Speaker.

About The Future Society

The Future Society is a non-profit think tank incubated at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government which specializes on questions of governance of emerging technologies. Its activities include policy research, executive education, and convenings (physical and digital including workshops and conferences). The think-tank operates at the intersection of the fields of Science and Technology Studies, Adaptive Leadership and civic innovation. Its operations include thematic initiative (such as the AI Initiative – www.ai-initiative.org, which focuses on the rise of artificial intelligence) and local chapters in different cities around the world.



Nicolas co-founded The Future Society in 2014 and incubated it at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He also co-founded the AI Initiative (2015), the CitX Initiative (2016), and the Science, Law and Society Initiative (2016) under The Future Society. A recognized thought-leader, strategist and implementer, Nicolas has over fifteen years of professional experience building partnerships at the intersection of industry, academia, innovation, government and civil society across Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

He has lectured around the world, and advises cities, governments, international organizations, NGOs and industrial players. Nicolas is the co-Convener of the Global Governance of AI Roundtable (GGAR) organized yearly during the World Government Summit in Dubai, as well as a member of the AI Group of experts at OECD (AIGO), of the World Bank’s Digital Economy for All Initiative (DE4ALL), and of the Global Council on Extended Intelligence (MIT Media Lab). Nicolas teaches at the Paris School of International Affairs (Sciences Po), at the IE School of Global and Public Affairs in Madrid, and at the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government in Dubai.

He is also a Senior Visiting Research Fellow with the Program on Science, Technology and Society at Harvard Kennedy School, and a Fellow with the Center for the Governance of Change at IE Business School in Madrid. He sits on three Committees (Policy, Economics, and General Principles) of the IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems.

An Arthur Sachs Scholar, Nicolas holds a Master in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School, a Master in Defense, Geostrategy & Industrial Dynamics from Panthéon-Assas University, and a Bachelor of Arts in European Affairs and International Relations from Sciences Po Strasbourg.