She created the Institute of Coaching at the Harvard Medical School where she works with global top leaders

Worldwebforum speaker Carol Kauffman

Carol Kauffman

President: Coaching Psychologist; Harvard Faculty, Founder, Institute of Coaching, Lincoln, USA

Institute of coaching professional association

Why you should listen

Carol brings science and practice together as a psychologist and leadership coach. She believes that like therapy, leadership coaching should be more research-based and that observations must fit into a wider theoretical and evidence-based context.

As a coach, she has over 25 years of experience helping leaders raise the bar on their performance and manage their success. Drawing on over 42,000 hours of client contact, she works with multi-national organizations such as Baker & McKenzie, BCG, Bombardier, McKinsey and Unilever to create their large-scale leadership development programs.

She was also the Founding-Editor-in-Chief of the academic journal Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice, the first academic peer-reviewed journal dedicated to coaching.

Known as the coaches’ coach, she received a $2M award to create the Institute of Coaching at the Harvard Medical School. Today, she individually supervises 25 top leadership coaches in the UK, Europe, US, and Asia.

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About the Institute of Coaching

The Institute of Coaching is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the integrity and credibility of the field of coaching by awarding $100,000 in research grants each year thanks to the thought leadership and generous donation from Institute founder and benefactor Ruth Ann Harnisch of The Harnisch Foundation.

By advancing coaching research, education, and practice, the Institute supports professional coaches and others who use coaching skills in their personal and professional lives. We are building a global coaching research community by bringing together leaders in the field to accelerate research progress and disseminate coaching’s best practices.

Coaching is a change process that mobilizes strengths and realizes the potential of individuals and organizations. The practice of coaching embodies a unique skill set designed to optimize the performance of a person or organization in diverse arenas including leadership, healthcare, and public service.


Leadership coaching: As a very active practicing coach, her mission is to help leaders raise the bar on themselves, their teams and organizations to maintain peak performance and optimal life satisfaction. She has over 40,000 hours of client contact. Her work focuses primarily on CEO’s and their teams. In order to launch the next generation of leaders, she is now working with millennials, high potentials and some unicorns.

Academic leadership: While on the faculty at Harvard for over 25 years, she received a $2,000,000 gift from the Harnisch Foundation to be the founder of the Institute of Coaching. She also launched the Coaching Conference at Harvard and the IOC Leadership Forum. Our education-based community has 2,000 active members and serves coaches and those who want to use coaching skills to change their worlds.

Coach approach training: In addition to coaching leaders she also has created the enormously successful Coach Approach training for leaders. The professional coaching program she created at the Massachusetts General Hospital won Harvard’s Inaugural Program Award for Culture of Excellence in Mentoring. Due to its national acclaim as the gold standard, the program is now rolled out in 23 of the top teaching hospitals in the US.