Dinner & Party

A chance for us to thank our esteemed speakers, partners, special guests and you, our loyal clients, to whom we owe our hard-earned success.

A lot has happened in technology in the last 20 years – and we’ve been here through the thick of it!

beecom will be marking its milestone 20th anniversary with a massive birthday party at Zurich Stage One on 16th January, 2020.

Lars Ulrich, the legendary co-founder and drummer of Metallica will be interviewed live, and will open the festivities.
We warmly invite you to join speakers, partners, special guests and entertainers on this night of celebration, with free-flowing drinks, delicious food and awesome music.

Your conference pass will get you behind the velvet rope.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get up close and personal with one of the rock legends of our time.

See you there!


You’re in for a show!

Fun banters and musical performances included, the pre-show of the Dinner & Party will take on a Late Night TV show format as Worldwebforum founders go on stage for a fireside chat.

The night’s special guest, Metallica Co-Founder and Drummer Lars Ulrich, will get up close and personal with hosts Tama Vakeesan and Dominic Dillier.

International beats will open the party to remember as beecom celebrates its epic 20th birthday.



Food for thought

With thought comes hunger: entertain your senses from all directions with free-flowing drinks and delicious food. A variety of food stands including vegetarian and vegan options will satisfy even the most demanding gourmands. Our fine wines are from Bindella Zurich, a reason enough to stay for the dinner and party.


Let yourself be exhilarated by the live acts and uplifting musical talents. Singer Priya Ragu is looking to break sonic and traditional boundaries and delve into a style that embodies the aforementioned sentiments, with the influence of greats like Lauryn Hill, Stevie Wonder. Minimal-electro sounds will follow by Swiss DJ Dorian and DJ Metval.


Partying all night under the sound of varying styles from Disco,Funk, Jazz, House to Techno? You better book a stay at one of our partner hotels in Zurich


6:15 PM – 11:00 PM 

Dinner & Party

beecom turns 20 in 2020
SRF personalities Tama Vakeesan and Dominic Dillier present The Late Show: a party intro unlike any other.
Joining them on the lounge will be the founders of Worldwebforum, followed by a fireside chat with Metallica co-founder and drummer Lars Ulrich. Then, they open beecom’s 20th birthday party to the talents of Priya Ragu and DJs Dorian and Metval.

Tama Vakeesan Reporter, Nau, Zurich, Switzerland
Amy Wilkinson CEO & Founder, Ingenuity, San Francisco, USA
Jose Morales VP of Corporate Development, Atlassian, San Francisco, USA

Beecom / Worldwebforum Founder – Team

Fabian Hediger Co-Founder & CEO
Andreas Heim Co-Founder & CCO
Prof. Dr. Andreas Ziltener Co-Founder
Lisa Sergi Trager CEO, PAX, San Francisco, USA

Navigating regulatory intricacies of the cannabis business

Dominic Dillier Journalist, SRF Swiss national Radio/TV, Zurich, Switzerland
Lars Ulrich Co-Founder & Drummer, Metallica, San Francisco, USA
DJ Dorian & DJ Matval, Zurich, Switzerland

Dropping heart-thumping electro-beats

Food & drinks
Bindella fine wines and food stands with vegan and vegetarian options hearten our sumptuous dinner spread for all.
Priya Ragu Singer, Zurich, Switzerland

Fusing intercultural pop, hip-hop, and soul